About Us

Our Story

We had been called Logopeds. But this is not just another name for thoroughly educated and certified
professionals called Speech-Language Pathologists. The word Logoped comes from two Greek words
combination – Logos means Speech and Paideia means Children. So that’s how our journey began – we
brought with us speech to the places where our precious little friends spend most of their time
–daycares and schools.

We came with toys, games, and amazing materials, but most importantly we
came with our caring hearts, excited faces, and attentive ears, ready to be tuned to the tiniest impulses
and make an explosion of language out of them! If we could not find a vacant room to create our
exciting language adventures, we brought a house on wheels with us and had all the fun right next door.
And when kids wanted to come and visit us outside of school hours – our main three-room office in
the heart of Manalapan opened its doors 7 days a week.
That’s exactly who we are – children’s friends in their journey through the world of speech and language.

We make the world better one word at a time! 

Meet The Team

Even though we have tons of education, expertise, and probably could fill a small library with our
diplomas and certificates, our little clients treat us as aunts, big sisters, or simply fun play-mates. We
believe that children should feel free, safe and ready to explore life being supported and accepted by
trustworthy friends. Get to know us better below!

I was blessed with only one child. My precious daughter Darina. She is my whole life and I
live to make her happy. Being near little children
makes me feel needed. Children are honest. They are wise. They are motivated to explore.
They ARE life itself. That’s why I try to spend most of my time near them. When I have a
little time for myself, I like knitting, reading, gardening, visiting my parents and going
camping with my family.


Speech-Language Pathologist

“Making sure every child believes they are the living miracles and most cherished treasures in the world!”

Michelle graduated from Montclair State University with a master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She provides bilingual services in English and Russian and believes that children of all ages and abilities should have access to both their community and home languages. When not coming up with creative therapy plans, Michelle likes to get creative at home with painting, writing, and baking.


Speech-Language Pathologist

“We meet your child where they are and help them grow to their full potential!” 

Jackie is a bilingual English & Russian speaking therapist. She has been surrounded by children her whole adult life, and absolutely loves watching/helping any child blossom into their own personalities and small little individuals. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, walking, exploring new restaurants and areas with her husband, and spending quality time with friends and family. 


Speech-Language Pathologist

“Shaping words and building communication, one ball of Play-Doh at a time!”

Jessica completed her Bachelors and Masters degree at Kean University. Her empathetic nature and nurturing personality allow her to connect with children on a meaningful level, fostering their growth and development. On the weekends, she enjoys hiking, gardening, and archery. 


Speech-Language Pathologist

“Small steps, big strides-unlocking communication potential with innovative speech therapy techniques!”

Viktoriya graduated from Seton Hall University with a masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She strongly believes that speaking two languages is a gift and a privilege, that is why she is raising her two children and her dog to be bilingual. Viktoriya loves to use toys in her therapy sessions, because through play we can achieve any goals. In her free time, Viktoriya loves to spend time with her family and friends, read books with her daughter and go on walks.


Speech-Language Pathologist

“Through the gift of play we can unlock any door to communication”

Olga Moroz M.S., CCC-SLP TSSLD is a certified bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist who is dually licensed in New York and New Jersey. As a bilingual speech and language pathologist, Olga strongly believes in an individualized person-centered and evidenced-based approach. Olga feels passionate and motivated about working with preschool and school-aged students to help them reach their potential socially and in the classroom.


Speech-Language Pathologist

“The ability to communicate is a beautiful gift. Help your child nurture the gift of communication”

Marina is a dedicated office manager with a strong passion for supporting speech-language pathology, especially in enhancing children's lives. She is committed to ensuring our therapists have the resources they need to make a meaningful impact by streamlining operations and handling administrative tasks. Witnessing the transformative power of speech therapy in children's lives fuels Marina's dedication, and sees herself as a advocate for progress and communication in our practice.


Office Manager

“In the world of speech and language, every word we empower is a step toward a brighter future for our children!”