Speech and Language Therapy Services for Children

Welcome to our Services page! At Logoped LLC, we offer a range of evidence-based speech and language therapy services for children ages 2-10. Our team of licensed speech-language pathologists is dedicated to providing personalized care to help each child reach their communication potential.

We Offer

Expressive Language Delays​

Expressive Language Delays can impact a child's ability to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Auditory and Language Processing Disorders​

Auditory and Language Processing Disorders can make it difficult for children to understand and process language, impacting their ability to communicate effectively.

Articulation and Phonological Impairments

Articulation and Phonological Impairments can make it difficult for children to pronounce words and sounds correctly, which can impact their communication and social interactions.

Apraxia of Speech or Developmental Apraxia​

Articulation and Phonological Impairments can make it difficult for children to pronounce words and sounds correctly, which can impact their communication and social interactions.

Pragmatics (Social Language or Social Skills)​

Pragmatics, also known as social language or social skills, refer to the way we use language to communicate and interact with others.


Stuttering is a communication disorder that can affect a child's fluency and ability to speak smoothly.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Processing Disorders can impact a child's ability to effectively process and respond to sensory information, which can affect their communication and social interactions.

Social and Behavioral Deficits

Social and Behavioral Deficits can impact a child's ability to interact with others and form meaningful social relationships.

Speech On Wheels

Our revolutionary mobile Speech clinic is here to make sure your child’s voice can be heard! Enjoy tailored services right at your child’s school for ultimate convenience!

Unlock Your Voice Anywhere

Innovative Speech Therapy Services Now Available in Office, Daycare, and On-The-Go with Our Mobile RV


Unleash your child's voice. Improve communication. Personalized treatment. Schedule your appointment for in-office speech therapy today!

Learning Bridge Academy

Building bridges to better communication! Discover our exceptional speech therapy services at Learning Bridge Academy for children.

On-The-Go Mobile RV

Speech therapy on wheels! Our Mobile RV brings convenient services to daycares, reaching children where they are for effective speech support.

Feedback About Our Services

"We cannot even begin to adequately express our gratitude to Ms. Jackie, for the progress that she has made in our daughter’s speech during their time working together. Our daughter had all her words but was not yet forming proper sentences or using pronouns correctly. She couldn’t yet describe her feelings, events, and situations. Her speech was always a concern and weighed heavily on my heart. We noticed a drastic difference within the first two months, and after that she just completely took off with her speech.I remember my daughter suddenly began saying long, descriptive sentences out of nowhere. My husband and I would look at each other to see if we both were hearing what we thought we were and then we would smile. It was truly a dream come true. Ms. Jackie brought out a completely different child out of our daughter. She is magnificent at what she does, and she couldn’t be a sweeter person. She listened to all of our concerns and has continued to surpass anything we could’ve expected. She also has kept us posted on everything she is currently working on, the progress she is seeing, and all plans as she moves forward. We couldn’t recommend her enough."

Jacqueline G.

"I cannot say enough good things about Logoped LLC, who are my sons speech therapists for 8 months already. From the moment I contacted them I knew it was the right place for my son. His speech has improved dramatically in both languages, Russian and English, since working with Ms. Viktoria & Ms. Jackie. Our family always feels very welcomed, I highly recommend Viktoria and her team for a wonderful experience regarding any Speech needs. They are very professional & they offer a great caring atmosphere for the kids."

Yuliya A.

"We are very pleased with Viktoria’s services. Our only and beloved son did not talk at all, the situation looked desperate, but after Viktoria took over things changed dramatically. He now speaks, sings, and is about to go to school - regular school with regular kids! We are all delighted and greatly recommend Viktoria!"

Alex T.

Logoped LLC has been an incredible resource for our family. Our daughter has struggled with speech and language difficulties for years, and we were struggling to find the right support. But since working with the team at Logoped, we have seen remarkable progress.


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